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Since then Morrison has gone on to tweet, and retweet, things involving the Captain Swan fandom. A heterosexual male and female coupling. What the Swan Queen fans continue to want to know is why they can’t be validly accepted too. Sure, tweeting you are LGBT friendly is great, but where is the backup with this. With writers continually pairing the heterosexual couples together, the queer fandom wants to have a fairytale ending too. Fairy tale love stories can include LGBT happy endings as well, it’s not all death, loss, and destruction.

holy shit y’all we made the fucking Huffington Post (h/t queerytales)

this is why it matters that we keep talking (hopefully politely and productively, not because tone policing is okay but because it just works better) uncowed by the fandom’s bullshit or TPTB’s.

we are changing the conversation. our talking points are appearing in (relatively) mainstream media outlets. it is working.

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