#aubrey looks like shes pouting

why is this dumb girl picking up my cup? chloe? make her stop. chloe, she just dumped my pens. those were my pens chloe. she took the cup chloe. she dumped my pens out and she took my cup. i am not going to pick those up chloe. you are. your stupid little crush just dumped pens on my desk and took my cup. i hate everything. 

chloe if you ever have sex you better not do it in our room. i mean it chloe. i will not take it. this little thief will not have sex where i sleep. this is so upsetting. i have this cup ever since i was 6 chloe. chloe make her stop why are you nodding. why are you smiling chloe. do you think this is funny chloe. oh you’re just staring at her boobs. really nice chloe. putting boobs over your best friend’s feelings. i thought we had talked about this. 

(via captianstark)